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Established September 1st, 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, ORNG LBL was created to support the idea of being "set apart from your environment". Providing good quality, comfortability and a modern-industrial style to make you stand out and attract attention. 

The message is simple, but still unknown. ORNG LBL uses "International orange" for both its logo and lower tag, this color is used in the aerospace industry to set objects apart from their surroundings. With that, the whole goal of ORNG LBL is to stand out, set apart, and be seen. 

With only a few months of the brand being active, ORNG LBL has gained a lot of attention and hype with its first logo apparel locally and across the United States. Many who have been able to see the first items have described it as simplistic, clean and original. As the first selection has inevitably sold out, it has made . This is only the beginning of much more to come, nothing can be done without everyone's amazing support. 


Thank you all for a great year of support, 2020 has shown me the power of manifestation. 2021 will pave the road to the future of my brand and I am so excited to continue to build something I have dreamed about as a child.

Peyton Purman

ORNG LBL Executive

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